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Full Moon
Today the full moon will gain a strange impact on the island of Grimvale. From 12 July until 15 July there's a high chance of this raid to be triggered in late-night hours. A new armor was added Onyx Dread Armor.
The small forest there seems darker, filled with nightly howls.
Something powerful and strange has started to move on Grimvale!
Grimvale drowns in werecreatures as the full moon reaches its apex and ancient evil returns.

Posted on 12 Mar 2021 - 09:03
Technical Maintenance Work
We had to reset the Unline world for the last server save today, 6:00 AM BR TIME, losing about 6 hours of progress today, due to the attempt to update some spells while the game was online. We haven't had a rollback since 8 Dec 2020.
We would like to offer our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this has caused. We recovered everyone's resistance and free imbuement until the next server save.

Posted on 11 Mar 2021 - 12:03
The Secret Library
To become a little more attractive, the bosses of the Secret Library who now have the chance to drop unique dolls, known as Red, Blue, Green, Black and Brown Pit Demons, each of them increases the damage of a certain element by 10%. Each of these bosses can be faced every 2 days.

Posted on 11 Mar 2021 - 11:03
Dream Scar
With latest server save we have released another final bosses from: The Dream Courts Quest

The Dream Scar, also known as Dream Arena or simply Arena, is a fighting pit accessed through the Dream Labyrinth. It was created as a sort of prison to prevent The Nightmare Beast from being released into the world.
Every day, a different Champion fights in the Arena. The boss in the Arena changes on every Server Save, including when there are emergency shutdowns at unusual times.
There are 5 bosses:

After killing 5 of the previous bosses (it can be 5 times the same), you gain access to the final boss The Nightmare Beast that can be done by up to 10 people.
Shortly after entering the room, one of the players will be cursed and transformed into a Specter. From the moment the player is transformed, he will have 25 seconds to get rid of the curse and within that period he will be in the form of Specter for 15 seconds and soon after that he will transform into a Phantasm and then he will have another 10 seconds to become a Phantasm. get rid of the curse, otherwise he will be teleported out of the room.
To remove the curse, someone on the team must use the Dream Catcher Pole

In the center of the room and get a Dream Catcher. The cursed player cannot use the mask itself to heal himself by carrying another player on the team and must wear it on the cursed player. When this is done, the curse will be transferred to the player who wore the mask. Note that there are cooldown times for both actions: obtaining a mask and wearing a mask on another player. So, to be successful, players need to take turns healing each other. The best strategy is to have 4-5 players on the team previously selected with this task in a certain order. So, the cursed player and the next selected player must always remain on the totem. To maximize efficiency, the player who is transformed must wait a while before another player wears the mask on him. The rest of the team should focus only on the boss.

There will also be several Nightmare Tendrils in the room that can be kept away from The Nightmare Beast, so it is recommended to have at least a second knight on teams with more than 5 people.

After defeating The Nightmare Beast, report the mission to Vanys or Undal depending on which NPC you spoke to at the beginning of the quest.

Posted on 4 Mar 2021 - 07:03
Unline Adjustments 2021

The server settings for 2021 finally arrived, many of these settings had a big impact on the gameplay for players and for security reasons everyone was sent to his temple.

Please carefully read the table with the changes and news:






Sorcerer and Druid

Alchemist and Biochemist



All Vocations

War System



Chivalrous Challenge (exeta amp res)

Ranged monsters have been difficult to control and combat for knights in solo as well as teamhunts for a while. Thus we felt a need to give knights a way to deal with them.

This new spell Chivalrous Challenge (exeta amp res) chains up to 5 creatures prioritising ranged creatures. Creatures hit are turned into melee fighters for 12 seconds and change their target to the caster for 6 seconds. An icon visualises that a creature is affected by this spell. This spell cannot be used when fighting lever bosses.

  • Mana: 80
  • Cooldown: 6s
  • Group CD: 2s
  • Level: 250

Fair Wound Cleansing (exura med ico)

We wanted to give the knights a stronger healing spell at high levels that serves as a boost to their regular healing capabilities. Intense Wound Cleansing (exura gran ico) will stay the strongest one time heal they can cast.

This new spell Fair Wound Cleansing (exura med ico) restores health to the caster. It restores more health than exura ico but less than exura gran ico.

  • Mana: 90
  • Cooldown: 1s
  • Group CD: 1s
  • Level: 300

Blood Rage (utito tempo)

Our goal was to recapture the original spirit of Blood Rage: Sacrificing your defence for better offence.

Blood Rage now increases all damage the knight receives by 15%. This is in addition to already existing downsides of the spell. Casting Protector will now remove Blood Rage from yourself. This magic came back as originally.

  • Mana: 290
  • Cooldown: 2s
  • Group CD: 2s
  • Level: 60

Protector (utamo tempo)

Our goal was to recapture the original spirit of Protector: Sacrificing your offence for better defence.

Protector now reduces all damage the knight receives by 15%. It no longer prevents the knight from attacking and instead reduces all outgoing damage by 35%. Casting Blood Rage will now remove Protector from yourself.

  • Mana: 200
  • Cooldown: 2s
  • Group CD: 2s
  • Level: 55

Increased Damage of Attack Spells

To increase the overall offensive prowess of knights, due to no longer being expected to always use Blood Rage, the attack spells have been strengthened.

The damage of Front Sweep (exori min), Berserk (exori) and Fierce Berserk (exori gran) has been increased by ~10%, while the damage of Brutal Strike (exori ico), Annihilation (exori gran ico), Groundshaker (exori mas) and Whirlwind Throw (exori hur) has been increased by ~28%.



Power Smithe (revo gran hur)

A powerful blow that will knock it back your target 1 step.

  • Mana: 300
  • Cooldown: 12s
  • Group CD: 2s
  • Level: 200

Rapid Smithing (revo max hur)

Increases attack speed by 35% for 10 seconds.

  • Mana: 360
  • Cooldown: 12s
  • Group CD: 2s
  • Level: 250



Nature's Embrace (exura gran sio)

Our goal was to give druids a way to react to unexpected damage spikes while healing allies and put further emphasis on their role as a master of healing for both their allies as well as themselves in high level content.

We added a new spell Nature's Embrace (exura gran sio) which restores a very large amount of health to the target. This spell can not be cast on yourself.

  • Mana: 400
  • Cooldown: 60s
  • Group CD: 1s
  • Level: 300

Heal Friend (exura sio)

Due to adding an alternative for exura sio when healing yourself in the form of Restoration (exura max vita), we decided to remove the possibility of healing yourself with Heal Friend (exura sio) to bring it more in line with the intended use of this ability.

Waste Reduction

Druids have the highest waste compared to the other 3 vocations. These changes will slightly reduce this gap:

The manacost of Terra Wave (exevo tera hur) has been reduced from 210 to 170 and the manacost of Heal Friend (exura sio) has been reduced from 140 to 120.



Back Slide (adeta grav)

Instantly walks 5 steps backwards of the current character direction.

  • Mana: 260
  • Cooldown: 6s
  • Group CD: 1s
  • Level: 25

Energy Fence (utevo rexo vis)

Creates a wall of energy in front of the caster with health based on 50% of the caster's mana and can reflect 10% to 20% of attacks. Energy Fence can last up to 3 minutes if no one destroys it.

  • Mana: 50%
  • Cooldown: 10s
  • Group CD: 2s
  • Level: 200



Great Fire Wave (exevo gran flam hur)

Our goal was to give sorcerers a second wave spell to reduce the disparity in the number of waves between sorcerers and druids.

This new spell Great Fire Wave (exevo gran flam hur) deals fire damage in an area directly in front of the caster. The spell deals more damage than a Fireball Rune but less than an Energy Wave.

  • Mana: 120
  • Cooldown: 4s
  • Group CD: 2s
  • Level: 38

Expose Weakness (exori moe)

Sorcerers lacked a distinct role in full teamhunts. Expose Weakness and Sap Strength should make them a staple in any group.

This new spell Expose Weakness (exori moe) increases the sensitivity of all creatures hit to all elements for 16 seconds. An icon visualises that a creature is affected by this spell.

  • Mana: 400
  • Cooldown: 12s
  • Group CD: 2s
  • Secondary Group CD: 12s
  • Level: 275

Sap Strength (exori kor)

This new spell Sap Strength (exori kor) reduces all damage dealt by creatures hit for 16 seconds.  An icon visualises that a creature is affected by this spell.

  • Mana: 300
  • Cooldown: 12s
  • Group CD: 2s
  • Secondary Group CD: 12s
  • Level: 175

Expose Weakness and Sap Strength are support spells and share a cooldown. Creatures can only suffer from one instance of Expose Weakness and from one instance of Sap Strength at a time.

Wand of Darkness

Based on feedback we have gathered over the years we adjusted the power of the wand of darkness.

The critical extra damage it grants has been reduced from +50% to +35%. 


Sorcerer and Druid

Restoration (exura max vita)

We aimed to enhance the healing capabilities of both druids and sorcerers with the introduction of a spell which is meant to complement their already existing assortment of healing spells.

This new spell Restoration (exura max vita) is now the strongest healing spell available to mages.

  • Mana: 230
  • Cooldown: 6s
  • Group CD: 1s
  • Level: 300

Magic Shield (utamo vita)

Up until now, sorcerers and druids with active Magic Shield (utamo vita) had more effective hitpoints than knights as well as paladins. Our goal was to keep Magic Shield as a defensive option for sorcerers and druids but to no longer have it eclipse the sturdiness of knights. In our opinion, Magic Shield works well for knights and paladins, so we decided to keep the energy ring unchanged for these vocations.

Consequently, the spell Magic Shield (utamo vita) has been reworked. It now only absorbs a limited amount of damage before breaking.

  • The amount is based on the caster's level and magic level.
  • The cooldown of utamo vita has been increased from 2 seconds to 14 seconds.
  • The duration has been reduced from 200 seconds to 60 seconds.
  • The shield also breaks when your mana pool is depleted. Casting utamo vita while the shield is still active refreshes the amount of damage that can be absorbed. We added a way to track the active shield amount in the UI to help the affected vocations adjust to their new defensive capabilities.

In addition to this change, energy rings can no longer be used by sorcerers or druids. We added a new consumable item (Magic Shield Potion) that gives these vocations an option in dangerous situations to gain this new Magic Shield without casting it (cost: 1 silver token).

Cancel Magic Shield (exana vita)

Since Magic Shield has been reworked quite thoroughly, we wanted to give sorcerers and druids more control over the shield.

This new spell removes an active magic shield from yourself.

  • Mana: 50
  • Cooldown: 2s
  • Group CD: 2s
  • Level: 14


Alchemist and Biochemist

Enhance Wand (adeta res)

Enhance Wand had its name changed to Enhance Magic and will not only increase the damage of your wands or rods, but the magic level. For 10 seconds, increases the user's magic level by 35%. In addition, it increases all damage taken by the user by 15%.

  • Mana: 340
  • Cooldown: 2s
  • Group CD: 2s
  • Level: 35



Great Mana Potions

Paladins can now use great mana potions, as knights can now make use of bigger mana potions as well.


Our goal was to improve the quality of life when using bows or crossbows. This includes the ease of refilling ammunition as well as granting paladins the same extra inventory slot that the other vocations have. Now the quivers are now equipped in the same slots as the shields, thus gaining extra space for other items, such as dolls.

It will also not be possible to add Vampirism or Void Imbuiments, just Featherweight with increased capacity as well as other containers such as backpacks.

Quivers that previously contained other containers inside of them with ammunition will not work, and quivers could be customized only with warlock quiver makers, quivers that already had warlock doll makers have been changed with the new maker.

As a result of this change, all other vocations can no longer use bows and crossbows to shoot ammunition.

Elemental Imbuements

Paladins have long been the vocation that only had a very limited potential to adjust to sensitivities of enemies. Our goal was to allow paladins the same flexibility that knights currently have.

Ranged weapons can now be imbued with elemental imbuements. These imbuements do neither apply to ammunition which already deals any elemental damage nor to diamond arrows.

Divine Dazzle (exana amp res)

With knights getting a way to control and fight ranged monsters we felt the need to give paladins a similar, albeit weaker, way to interact with them in regards to their role in teamhunts.

We added a new spell Divine Dazzle (exana amp res) that chains up to 3 creatures prioritising ranged creatures. Creatures hit are turned into melee fighters for 8 seconds. An icon visualises that a creature is affected by this spell. This spell cannot be used when fighting lever bosses.

  • Mana: 80
  • Cooldown: 16s
  • Group CD: 2s
  • Level: 250

Diamond Arrows and Spectral Bolts

Diamond arrows and spectral bolts are now sold by NPCs. Diamond arrows cost 100 gold each, while spectral bolts cost 70 gold each.

Divine Dazzle replaces these spells as the new promotion spell.


Sharpshooter's distance skill bonus was often mentioned as too high and with other buffs that the vocation received we felt it natural to slightly nerf it. This magic came back as originally.

The distance skill bonus of Sharpshooter (utito tempo san) has been reduced from 50% to 40%.




Massacre, Toxic and Fiery Bombs had their 3-second cooldown to explode removed, so they will explode immediately when used.

Daze Bombs

Daze Bomb could not be used as click and reuse, as the description, a daze bomb can be used by dragging the bomb from your inventory to a reachable place in your screen. After 3 seconds the bomb will activate, stun and push back 3 sqm all creatures affected. Bombs cannot be stacked, and can harm the caster. They cannot be used while a Thrower spell is active.

Shadow (exiva ocultus)

This spell takes the caster to shadow making it impossible for others to find it with the Find Person spell. It cannot be used in conjunction with Stealth. Duration: 30 seconds.

  • Mana: 400
  • Cooldown: 10s
  • Group CD: 2s
  • Level: 200

Reaper of Souls (pectus cruentus)

Murderous and instantaneous ability, capable of reaping the heart of the enemy. This ability can only be activated if the target has 10% or less of his life points, he will die instantly, it requires a total of 75% of the user's mana. Note: it can only be applied to players with a level lower than the user.

  • Mana: 75%
  • Cooldown: 12s
  • Group CD: 2s
  • Level: 200


All Vocations

Party Protection

Return of the "Green Skull": Friendly fire in "party" will be possible.

Spells Cooldowns

Each vocation has many attack spells, but players only use 2 or 3, with this change they will use more other spells and increase their attack rotation. When implementing the new Charmed Amulet maker at the beginning of the server, the spells 'cooldowns were supposed to come back originally, so we did, we returned the spells' cooldown and exhaustion as original and the spells of the new vocations followed their example, making it possible to see the cooldown and exhaustion only in the Spells List. In addition, the charmed amulet maker will now only reduce cooldown of spells and runes over 1 second, with 1 second cooldown limit.

Note that the spell cooldown icon, the one seen in the footer of the client, like the vip spells does not exist in tibia rl, so there is no icon for them and it is not possible to create for client 10 it is only possible to create for otclient, but this would cause badges in client 10, then an icon from other spells was used, take into account only the reported exhaustion.

Increased Baseheal

Impact of Intense Healing (exura gran) and the Intense Healing Rune was not in line with the other healing spells. Hence, we slightly increased the heal impact of Intense Healing (exura gran) and the Intense Healing Rune. In addition, all other healing spells and health potions have increased by 30%.


War System

Guild Wars

Guilds that have members with Pvp-Disabled, can now participate in wars can be attacked or attack only by the opposing guild. And the war system cannot be canceled after accepting a war with another guild.

Posted on 26 Feb 2021 - 06:02
Unline Adjustments
First of all, clients must be properly updated, otclient v8 just reopens to be updated and client 10 must delete the old one and download again.

The adjustments made will be implemented soon, but I invite players to visit Testera (accessed only with otclient with the same account and password, without token) so that they can test and send feedback in addition to finding possible flaws.

To get an overview of the adjustments made visit the page Unline Adjustments.

Note: Information on the Unline Adjustments page may change before being announced on the website in the latestnews section.

Posted on 24 Feb 2021 - 15:02
Host Upgrade

The Unline host has been upgraded because of the exchange of ip all Unline Clients will need to be reinstalled to connect. Reinstall client 10, otclient v8. Access Downloads.

Posted on 27 Jan 2021 - 01:01
King Zelos
With latest server save we have released another Grave Danger boss: King Zelos
After sanctifying all graves, report back to Jack Springer. You'll now have to face the leader of the Lich Knights, King Zelos, which can be accessed through the Isle of the Kings. This battle can be fought with up to 10 players, and a full team is recommended. You have 24 minutes to defeat Zelos before being kicked out of the room.

In order to fight King Zelos, your team will first need to defeat 4 Lich Knights that are doing the ritual to resurrect the King. The biggest challenge of the fight is killing them fast enough, since the longer it takes, the stronger King Zelos becomes. If you cannot kill the 4 minibosses in less than approximately 12 minutes, it will be impossible to kill King Zelos because it will be too strong or even immune to all damage.

Posted on 24 Jan 2021 - 11:01
First Dragon

Rumour has it that new clues about the first dragon that had direct contact with humans, Garsharak's son, have come to light. Being the chatterbox he is, Vigintius may know a thing or two about it so make sure to squeeze out any bit of information he has to share. Embark on an adveturous journey across the tibian lands as you search for traces of the First Dragon and his descendants, the ancestors of dragons as we know them.

Will you be able to discover their whereabouts? And even more important, do you have what it takes to face these legendary creatures? Find out if there is more to the tale of a beautfiul festive garment that once fell into the claws of the First Dragon and has been lost ever since.

Between the server saves of January 14 and February 12 you have the opportunity to show your skills against various dragon species. Defeat the fearsome beasts and prove yourself worthy to face the First Dragon.

Posted on 9 Jan 2021 - 14:01
Christmas Unline World 2020
Our old man Santa Claus arrived in the lands of Unline and is already delivering gifts to all the good players who have reached the goal of level 150.
And from the server save until the 21th of December at 06:00 AM we will have a 30% discount in the entire store until the 24th of December at 06:00 AM.

Posted on 21 Dec 2020 - 00:12

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